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Wordplay is the linguistic project of Mary Kyriakopoulou M.Sc. Mary is a trained conference interpreter and certified translator and,

Wordplay is the linguistic project of Mary Kyriakopoulou M.Sc. Mary is a trained conference interpreter and certified translator and, h her team of professional linguists, aims at providing you with the optimum solutions for your linguistic needs.

Whether it’s interpreting, translation or editing services you need, Mary and her team will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Wordplay has been successfully providing high quality interpreting, translation and editing services since 2008 with the outmost professionalism, the strictest confidence and the greatest respect towards the client; most of all, with the deepest love for languages and civilizations!

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Translation - Editing/Proofreading - Interpreting


Interpreting exclusively pertains to oral communication: delivering a message from one language to another in an effortless and natural way, by adopting the speaker's tone, rhetoric and beliefs and by speaking in the first person. The interpreter is the one that makes it possible for a meeting, discussion, and professional negotiation to be conducted seamlessly, as if all participants were using the same language. Due to the high concentration requirements, the interpreters alternate every 20-30 minutes.

Keep in mind that languages are living organisms and keep evolving and expanding, in order to cover our most unexpected communication needs. As trained interpreters, Mary and her team continuously hone their skills and strive to expand their knowledge, by keeping up to date with all the newest developments in the field of interpreting, in order to offer integral services to each and every client. A skilled interpreter can become your personal mediator in business meetings, appointments, briefings, phone calls, consultations, interviews and conferences.

Professional Interpretation Services: Simultaneous interpreting, Consecutive Interpreting, Conference Interpreting, Liaison Interpreting, Escort Interpreting for Entrepreneurs, Chuchotage.


Translation excluxively pertains to the written word. It is defined as the process in which the source language message is transferred to the target language in the most accurate way, first in terms of concept and consecutively, in terms of style. The purpose of the translation is to transmit the same message to the greatest extent possible by the natural constraints such as grammar, syntax, idioms of each language, and of course, the context.

In the words of the novelist and Nobel prize winner Günter Grass, “Translation is that which transforms everything, so that nothing changes”. It is not just a matter of transferring words from one language to another, but of giving meaning to a whole different culture. Wordplay can do that for you! Furthermore, all of our translations can be legally certified by Mary Kyriakopoulou, as alumna of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University, Greece (in accordance with the Presidential Decree 169, Government Gazette 156, Volume A, 02/07/2002).

The smart use of technology and the constant training in the field of translation guarantee an optimum result. Mary and her team are capable of undertaking different types of texts, documents, certificates and webpages and translating them from and into English, French and Greek. The translation can be delivered in electronic or hard copy form.

All information, papers and documents are always handled with the strictest confidentiality and Wordplay is committed to the preservation of that information, which will never be made known to any third person.

Editing – Proofreading

This is a process whereby the text is being scanned for accuracy, grammar, syntax and spelling errors. Regardless of whether you are a native speaker or not, Mary and her team can check the spelling, grammar and style of texts written in Greek and English in several fields.

Prices and payment methods

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Regarding translation, prices are calculated per word and in accordance with the volume of the project, the deadline, its difficulty and the language combination.

When it comes to interpreting, the price is fixed per interpreting day, in accordance with the guidelines suggested by the International Association of Conference Interpreters.

The fee can be deposited in a bank account or a PayPal account. Detailed information will be provided. After the completion of the project, Wordplay will provide you with the invoice of rendered services. Depending on the size and the difficulty of the project, a 25% deposit might be required.

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